Sausage Making Tools for the Home

When working with meats in your kitchen you need the right tools. Making sausage and preparing steaks or using meat grinder will be much easier if your kitchen is properly equipped. There are several tools that you will need to gather before you begin your work with meats in your kitchen, especially if you are going to make sausage. Some of these include:

You knives have to be sharp. To cut meat that you will either turn into jerky or put into casings for sausage you don’t want to be struggling with dull blades

Cutting board
A cutting board is essential. It certainly comes in handy when chopping and slicing meats. A solid wooden cutting board that is big enough to put a large amount of meat on is the best.

Meat Grinder
If you are really serious you need a good quality meat grinder. You should have a grinder that is strong enough to do what you want yet fast enough so you do not have to spend a lot of time grinding meat forever. A grinder with a size #8 cutting plates should suffice for home usage. This size electric grinder should get the job done quickly. You can grind fresh meat, game, fruit, vegetables and other things fairly easily and quickly. A meat grinder like this usually retails for around $100.

Sausage Stuffer
A sausage stuffer can save you lots of time as well. You need some way to stuff your meat into casing. Often, when you buy a meat grinder you will receive several stuffing tubes included. If not, you can get the stuffing tubes to fit your grinder online usually. These should work fine, however, you will have to work harder and slower than if you use a sausage stuffer. A five 5 pound capacity stuffer will stuff a baloney casing should stuff you sausages in less than two minutes with minimal effort. They are priced usually for about $150, including an assortment of stuffing tubes. A vertical stainless steel stuffer may be the best for the home. This tool will save you time and give you a professional sausage or baloney every time.

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  1. I need to buy a new plate for my rand manual meat grinder. The plate is what the meat comes out of at the front of the grinder with all the little holes in it. Are parts available?

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